Guest Reviews

The Ultimate Best
Matilda Dule - December 2011

I found out about Sothys from Generations Spa in Birmingham, MI I have always had problems with my skin being dry but now I feel like my skin is softer than a baby's, I am absolutely in love with all these products. I dont where to begin. I love my skin...which is now radiant and nourished. It's... more →

Best Facial Ever!
Rachel Silver - March 2011

I had a European facial with a light peel last Saturday with Arlene. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I swear it looks like I had Botox or Restylane. I look ten years younger, and it's been three days! No idea what she did, but it sure worked. Also love the Anti-Aging (level 2) Cream and Serum that I... more →

just the best
sandra liss - April 2010

SOTHYS is just a perfect spa. I have been getting facials there for several years, having followed my facialist there. I have wonderful facials, tailored for my individual needs, as well as effective body treatments. the staff is professional and caring and the atmosphere is very relaxing and... more →

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